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Thomson Consumer Electronics


Thomson Multimedia is a multi-billion dollar worldwide consumer and industrial products corporation with a well-recognized brand name of RCA. EWSolutions was engaged to help implement their decision support, supply-chain system. EWSolutions provided the systems architecture, detailed program design, program construction, and user requirements gathering. Thomson’s data warehousing and supply chain management systems are Oracle based.

Client Testimonial #1

"The people at EWSolutions have strong integrity and were sincerely interested in helping us be successful. Unlike the other vendors that were just looking to bill hours, the consultants at EWSolutions were only concerned with our needs. They have a fantastic array of talent in the company and access to exceptional resources to meet all of our project’s requirements. Their consultants were experts in their field and had an excellent command of their subject. Their people have a strong work ethic and they do whatever it takes to make us successful. In addition, EWSolutions monitors their people very well and follows up on their performance, throughout the project engagement. EWSolutions has been a joy to work with and are without peer.”

Paul Kirkiener, Senior Manager

Thomson Multimedia

Client Testimonial #2

"David Marco is a real visionary in data management. At the same time, he and the consultants at EWSolutions understand the everyday challenge of managing the enterprise's data responsibly. Most practitioners can do one but not the other. EWSolutions has the skill and savvy to do both, and they do it as well or better than anyone I've met.

EWSolutions kept our needs at the forefront of all of their efforts. They always worked in the spirit of partnership and were consistently flexible to the changing needs of our project."

Stephen C. Grohovsky, Manager Consumer/Product Services

Thomson Multimedia