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4 May, 2019

Agile Compliance Management

04 May, 2019
Kenneth Lynch
Data Security

Although the need for regulatory compliance may seem to negate the ability to become or remain agile, many organizations have discovered they can adopt and use LEAN and / or agile techniques and sustain their compliance activities successfully. Introduction In the business world, the term agility describes the ability of an organization’s system to quickly respond or adapt to changes in cost-eff


10 Apr, 2019

Creating an Enterprise Information Management Center of Excellence

10 April, 2019
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Data Management

Organizations that want to realize the value of their data and information as enterprise assets should consider forming and sustaining an Enterprise Data / Information Management Program Office or Center of Excellence. Introduction Many organizations decide that implementing some form of enterprise information management (EIM) or enterprise data management (EDM) is a fantastic idea. They assess th


3 Apr, 2019

Effective Data Warehouse Testing Strategy

03 April, 2019
Wayne Yaddow
Data Warehousing

Preparing a data warehouse testing strategy can ensure the successful development and completion of end-to-end testing of any data warehouse, data mart, or analytical environment. Introduction Organizations need to learn how to build an end-to-end data warehouse testing strategy. This is most often necessary because the success of a data warehousing project is highly dependent upon the team’s ab


27 Mar, 2019

Data Services as Part of Enterprise Architecture

27 March, 2019
Charles Ngando Black
More Data Geekery

Data services support the emergence of data offices and data-centric architectures to allow organizations to develop opportunities for improved data management and usage Introduction Data Service is a part of a data-centric architecture. A good data-centric architecture has many benefits and organizations should focus on clarifying the reasons, opportunities and strengths of this architectural sty


20 Mar, 2019

Introduction to Data Warehouse Testing

20 March, 2019
Wayne Yaddow

An Overview of Data Warehouse Testing Data warehouse and data integration testing should focus on ETL processes, BI engines, and applications that rely on data from the data warehouse and data marts. Introduction There is little that casts doubt on a data warehouse and BI project more quickly than incorrectly reported data.  It is crucial that data warehouse project teams do all in thei


13 Mar, 2019

Data Office as Part of Enterprise Architecture

13 March, 2019
Charles Ngando Black
More Data Geekery

A Data Office has become a reality as part of many organizations’ enterprise architecture frameworks.  A data office can support moving the organization toward a data-centric view for enterprise services and solutions.. Introduction Data Office, data service, data-centric architecture, data governance, chief data officer, etc. are some terms that have become part of the language of data managem


6 Mar, 2019

Agile Program Framework for Data and Analytics

06 March, 2019
Kevin M. Lewis
Project Management

It is important to connect program-level agile frameworks with data and analytics delivery and the variety of application programs that will benefit from agile, flexible development   Introduction As many organizations move beyond agile for individual projects, they make a transition to program-level agile frameworks.  Although these frameworks provide some guidance on how to support agile


22 Feb, 2019

Scope Creep Challenge Stakeholders Want More

22 February, 2019
Dagmar Anne Cole, CBAP
Business Analysis

The Business Analyst is confronted with the stakeholder’s desire to modify features, functions and requirements “just because” resulting in scope creep.  Why are the stakeholders asking for changes and what can a Business Analyst do about it?   Introduction Project scope defines the extent of the project; “scope creep” is the tendency to add features, functions, business rules or


31 Jan, 2019

The Power of Mentorship for Data Management Professionals

31 January, 2019
Margaret Resce Milkint
Professional Development

Data scientists and other data professionals need a combination of education, practical experience, and soft skills to succeed and have a positive impact   Introduction Gone are the days of the Wild, Wild West for data scientists.  In those heady days, the job search process for entry-level data scientists and beyond was relatively painless.  No more.  As the profession has matured and bec


13 Jan, 2019

Cyber-bullying and Online Harassment

13 January, 2019
Catherine Nolan
Data Security

The pervasive and anonymous use of social media has increased the rate and frequency of online harassment and cyber-bullying, endangering the data, safety, reputation, and even lives of many people Introduction It is no secret that people are bullied, harassed, and threatened over the internet, to the point where, if someone disagrees with another person, death threats often are the result. Both J



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