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Data Warehouse Full Lifecycle Development Guide


This practical course provides you with an in-depth understanding of data warehousing and its application to business intelligence. You will learn the concepts and skills necessary to build a successful data warehouse to implement your business intelligence program on the first implementation. Real-world case studies of business intelligence and data warehousing implementations are used to leverage the lessons learned on these projects.

Through team interaction attendees will be provided with a full lifecycle strategy and methodology for defining system requirements, capturing/integrating source data, and accessing the information in the data warehouse.

Benefits To Your Company

  • Learn a full lifecycle methodology for implementing a business intelligence system using data warehouse technology.
  • Understand how to define requirements that yield positive ROI.
  • Identify the challenges of implementing a data warehouse.
  • Understand how to build a data warehouse that is flexible to the changing technical marketplace.

Who Should Attend

  • CIO’s
  • Executive management
  • Project managers
  • Decision support system architects
  • Database designers
  • Data architects
  • Lead designers
  • Business analysts

Learning Objectives

CIOs and executive management will learn how to:

  • Cost justify and build a business intelligence system using data warehouse technology for a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Understand how to manage risk and anticipate the stumbling blocks before they occur.

Project managers and decision support system architects will learn to:

  • Organize and manage their teams.
  • Create accurate project plans.
  • Learn to define requirements that prevent scope creep.
  • Build an architecture that is extendible, robust, and flexible over time.

Database designers will learn to:

  • Identify the key business data necessary to store in the physical data models in order for the data warehouse to provide value to its end users.

Lead designers and business analysts will learn to:

  • Design attainable requirements for the data warehouse.

Course Outline

  1. Understanding data warehousing
    • Analyze the current state of the data warehousing industry
    • Data warehousing fundamentals including active data warehousing
  2. Challenges in the data warehouse industry
    • Selling the concept of building a data warehouse to management (ROI)
    • Cutting through the vendor hype
    • Dealing with large volumes of data warehouse data
  3. How to implement an integrated data warehouse solution
    • Keys to a sound architecture
    • Defining system requirements
    • Integrating legacy system sources
      • ETL
      • Integration challenges and solutions
    • Accessing the data warehouse
    • Approaches to data warehouse development
  4. The data warehouse team
    • Creating the data warehouse team
    • Data warehouse team role walkthroughs
    • Creating the data warehouse project plan
    • Data warehouse ROI definition
    • Constructing the data warehouse scope document
    • Create a data integration strategy for your company
  5. Understanding the key business intelligence vendors
    • Evaluating business intelligence tools, including ETL (extract, transform, & load), OLAP (online analytical processing), and portals
    • Real-world analysis of tool vendors
  6. Data warehouse project management overview
    • Goals and objectives
    • Critical success factors
    • Business problems in data warehousing
    • Measuring results
    • Risks, issues, challenges in data warehouse project management
    • Selecting the first data warehouse project
  7. Understand the trends in business intelligence
  8. Workshop conclusion
    • Summary, additional exercises, sources for further reading, etc.

Standard Duration

  • 3 days (may be customized as needed)

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