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EWSolutions is an award-winning, professional services firm dedicated to delivering full life-cycle meta data management, enterprise architecture, business intelligence/data warehousing, and technology solutions to our clients. We deliver project success – no matter the scope and complexity of your business need.

Our consultants average over 16 years experience and have successfully been engaged on numerous projects that have resulted in the successful transformation of data assets into knowledge. EWSolutions can help your company design and build the solutions needed across the enterprise to create “one version of the truth” for your analysts and decision makers across your firm. The foundation solutions can be used as the building blocks and catalyst to promote change and optimization of business activities in your organization.

For organizations that are considering or are currently undertaking a large enterprise initiatives, and need help in delivering best practices solutions, EWSolutions is your company with the experience and full life cycle expertise to deliver "Intelligent Business Intelligence".

  • Core Competencies   link arrow

    EWSolutions has unparalleled experience developing high-performance solutions for the world's largest and most sophisticated organizations. For more information on how we can work with your organization and its specific needs contact us at

  • Federal Solutions   link arrow

    EWSolutions is committed to bringing creative solutions to all our clients. For more information on how EWSolutions can work with you and your agency, email us at

  • Commercial Solutions   link arrow

    Our industry leading consultants are committed to bring our clients best practice startegies and creative solutions. For more information on how EWSolutions can work with you and your organization, email us at

  • Revolutionary Methodologies   link arrow

    With enterprise architecture, managed meta data environment, and BI/data warehousing projects, "vanilla" development methodologies just won’t do. EWSolutions' proprietary I3sm and M3sm development methodologies provide a standardized, documented, and industry tested foundation. These iterative methodologies leverage thousands of hours of real-world experience and best practices from the most demanding client environments. For more information on EWSolutions' Revolutionary Methodologies, or to request a quote for services, please contact

  • Expert-On-Demand   link arrow

    EWSolutions' team of highly experienced industry professionals and leading academicians provide advice, guidance, planning and execution strategies for projects in enterprise data management, data governance and stewardship, data warehousing and business intelligence, and enterprise architecture. For more information on EWSolutions' Expert-on-Demand, or to request a quote for services, please contact David Marco at

  • World-Class Data Warehousing Models   link arrow

    EWSolutions has developed the industry’s first and only data warehouse models with related data mart models for specific vertical markets (Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Investment Fund Management, etc). Our World-Class Data Warehousing Models dramatically increases your organization’s ability to rapidly implement a data warehousing solution by significantly reducing the amount of time required for data modeling. For each industry EWSolutions has leveraged its decades of data warehousing, business intelligence, and enterprise data modeling experience to create both comprehensive logical and physical data models using a data modeling paradigm which emphasizes business understanding and semantic clarity – rather than just logical or physical data models as most other vendors do. Email for more information or how to purchase these models for your organization.