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Commercial Solutions

Our industry leading consultants are committed to bring our clients best practice startegies and creative solutions. For more information on how EWSolutions can work with you and your organization, email us at

  • Health & Life Sciences   link arrow

    Today’s health care companies are being driven to constantly provide advances in the medical, health insurance, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and biology areas while concomitantly drive down cost through process improvement, M&A, and outsourcing. Let our consultants apply their industry knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive and inventive solutions to your information delivery and infrastructure support dilemmas.

  • Insurance & Financial Services   link arrow

    Insurance and financial service companies are being overwhelmed by escalating amounts of information sources and data. Yet they must make proactive and informative decisions on stocks, policies, claims, bonds, funds, and other programs that are in constant fluctuation due to shifting markets and world events. EWSolutions' consultants provide enterprise information solutions that allow our clients to harness this vast store of information while staying adaptive to constant change.

  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain   link arrow

    Today’s manufacturing companies are looking for methods to seize competitive advantage through innovative utilization of information and technology. Manufacturing companies in various industry segments such as automobiles, electronics, equipment, chemical, and others, have increased their market share and profitability by embracing and implementing enterprise information strategies. Our industry leading consultants have helped our manufacturing clients leverage their information and technology resources through implementation of proven methodology's and best practice strategies. They can do the same for your company.

  • Technology   link arrow

    Technology advances and improvements are a continuous reality in today’s business environments. Knowing what technologies and where to invest your limited personnel and financial resources is a constant challenge. Investing in a technology that fails to provide real business value, scalability, availability, performance, and security can impact company performance and profitability. EWSolutions' consulting has successfully provided Fortune 500 clients with insightful, experienced based knowledge to confidently select and implement enterprise technology solutions.

  • Consumer Products & Retail   link arrow

    With the continuing competition for consumer dollars, leveraging your personnel and existing assets becomes even more important. Insuring agile, flexible, sustainable information delivery systems can provide the all important “consistent face to the customer” for your products. Our experienced, industry leading consultants can help your organization streamline existing resources and deliver information to ensure your competitive advantage.

  • Higher Education   link arrow

    EWSolutions has provided institutions of higher education with effective approaches that address the needs of the academic community to meet increasing challenges and pressures, combined with our deep experience in business intelligence / data warehousing, managed meta data environment, enterprise data management, and data governance and stewardship. This education expertise allow us to discover the most appropriate solutions to a college or university’s information management problems. These capabilities have created successful client engagements within academia for EWSolutions.