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20 Oct, 2016

The Power of Abstraction in Data Modeling

20 October, 2016
Steve Hoberman
Enterprise Data Modeling

Abstraction is a powerful design tactic for creating flexible, robust and scalable data warehouse data models Introduction I remember meandering through the large galleries of a modern art museum, and stopping in my tracks in front of a very large canvas painted completely red with a single white dot in the center. The title was "City Skyline", and as hard as a squinted or twisted my head, I just



1 Oct, 2002

Use of Metadata Entities in Abstraction

01 October, 2002
Steve Hoberman
Enterprise Data Modeling

Metadata supports the conditions that uses of abstraction in data modeling, ensuring lasting and scalable data models When I write on abstraction, I like to remind the reader of a very abstract painting I observed in a museum, which consisted of a white dot on a red canvas that represented a city skyline. In my first article in this series, I concluded that abstraction is a tool that lets an artis



1 Oct, 2001

Should We Model Everything?

01 October, 2001
Daniel Roth
Enterprise Data Modeling

Different models represent and communicate different types of data; all are important to effective data management. Introduction The level of attention paid to a data model should be determined by its intended use and place in the enterprise. There are different types of models that represent different types of data, all of which should be "touched" by data administration. The actual procedures de




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