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Best Practices

Adaptive Data Governance Lessons from History

Lessons from history can inform data management and data governance professionals as well as those in the social sciences.  Data governance must be able to adapt to all situations, including world war. Data Management professionals can learn from history, and

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Developing a Mission for Data Governance

Just as organizations require a vision for data governance it is important to have a mission for the data governance program as well.  Mission and vision statements are complementary and not synonymous. Definition of Mission Turning to the definitions of

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Data Governance and Business Process Alignment

Data does not exist in a vacuum.  Therefore, data governance should not be practiced alone.  Remember to include the processes that affect and are affected by data for a robust data governance program Governance is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the

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Data Governance as Part of Enterprise Data Management

Data governance is the cornerstone domain of the enterprise data management discipline.  The functions of data governance are essential to any successful enterprise data management initiative Many organizations are pursuing numerous data-oriented initiatives, such as customer integration, master data management,

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Data Governance and Social Networking

Data governance professionals should take advantage of the variety of social media and social networking opportunities available to advance their knowledge, their programs, and their careers Most data governance initiatives start as a result of an event (discovery of data

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Creating the Vision for Data Governance

Effective data governance starts with a vision, and that vision must be at the enterprise level and commonly understood and communicated. At the highest level, data governance is concerned with the management of data – its availability, currency, usefulness, accuracy

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Aligning Data Governance and Enterprise Data Modeling

Having an organizational understanding of the essential data used across the enterprise, through the development of a Subject Area Model and a foundational Conceptual Data Model, can improve the effectiveness of a Data Governance program Increasingly, enterprises are recognizing the

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Some Best Practices in Data Governance

Every organization needs to know and apply proven, best practices in data governance to be able to realize the value of their data and information assets Governance defines the way we manage, monitor and measure different aspects of an organization.

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