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Business Intelligence 101: A Thorough Definition

Data provides more reliable insight into organizational outcomes than intuition alone can. That’s why most managers build dashboards to monitor their sales pipeline, revenue generated, and churn rates: to get real-time updates on their team’s overall progress. While those are

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Business Challenges in Data Warehouse Re-Architecture

Successful re-architecture of data warehousing / business intelligence / analytics environments pose business challenges in addition to information technology issues Many large corporations across a variety of industries face the reality of re-architecting data warehouse environments to accommodate business intelligence

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Avoiding Data Mess with Effective Data Architecture

Rather than apply new words or phrases to poor data architecture concepts, learn how a data strategy should influence effective data architecture, especially for analytics and business intelligence People love buzzwords. Sometimes people think the quality of a solution improves

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Dimensional Data Modeling Fact Qualifier Matrix

Fact Qualifier Matrix capabilities can be expanded to improve the value of conformed dimensions in business intelligence and analytics systems Introduction The venerable Fact Qualifier Matrix (FQM) has been a tool long used for demonstrating for dimensional models how fact and

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Migrating From “Independent” Data Marts

Independent data marts cause many problems in data warehouse architecture; combining to result in numerous issues for business intelligence and analytics solutions. A severe disease has spread to epidemic proportions throughout our society.  This disease is particularly dangerous as it

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The Evolution of the Corporate Information Factory

Introduction In the beginning were applications.  And applications served the corporation well until there was a desire for integration of historical information. However, applications supported neither integration nor historical data.  When it was noticed that applications – once built and

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Data Mart Migration

Fully architected solutions to data warehouse / analytics systems, not independent data marts, is the right way to ensure all the benefits of integrated data Introduction The need for an architected solution for decision support / analytics data, as opposed

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Stranded on Islands of Data

Independent data marts create stranded, unusable data.  Independent data marts can spread like a disease through an organization and must be eradicated. There is a severe disease that has spread to epidemic proportions throughout our society. This disease is particularly

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