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Responsibilities of an Information Product Manager

If information should be treated as a product, then it should be managed accordingly.  All information should be assigned to a product manager. Information should be managed over its product life cycle in the same way as a successful physical

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The Third Dimension in Project Management

Project management requires the use of a solid framework and an experienced project manager to ensure the success of any project, any size, in any industry Introduction As a project manager, I found the TV show “Iron Chef” fascinating. Watching

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Common People Project Management Challenges

Many project management challenges are centered on the people involved in a project; part of the “people, process, technology” triangle as the basis of all organizations Introduction There are still some common project management challenges, despite the huge efforts from

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Global Project Management Office Implementation Part 4

Project Management Office (PMO) implementations need project portfolio management and project management tools to sustain the PMO function Introduction Part 1 covered requirements of creating a PMO and the steps needed for a successful PMO. This part also addressed a

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Global Project Management Office Implementation Part 3

Project Management Office (PMO) implementations require four elements to ensure successful planning, execution and measurement of the PMO function Introduction There are four elements that help organizations and individuals working in a Project Management Office (PMO) to establish assessment criteria,

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Global Project Management Office Implementation Part 2

Challenges to Project Management Office (PMO) implementation can be addressed by following best practices and proven techniques Introduction Creating and designing (planning) a Project Management  Office (PMO) is half of the work – seeing it through (executing) is the work

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