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9 Jan, 2019

The Value of Context to Textual Data Analysis

09 January, 2019
William H. Inmon
Textual Data Analysis

Context is essential to the meaning of any text. The value of context in textual data analysis cannot be overlooked. We take context for granted. Context is free and natural and just comes with data. Right? When we look into this proposition we find out that it is anything but true. Context is necessary but it does not come free and is not naturally associated with data. The association must be ex



16 Feb, 2018

Differences Between Text and Big Data

16 February, 2018
William H. Inmon
Textual Data Analysis

Text and Big Data are not synonymous, regardless of attempts to force them to be considered as similar.  One of the questions that vendors love to ask (and to confuse people with) is combining / mixing Big Data and text.  The confusion becomes apparent when the question “Isn’t text the same thing as Big Data?” arises. The short answer is that text can be placed inside Big Data, but Big Da



9 Jan, 2018

Variations on Textual Data

09 January, 2018
William H. Inmon
Textual Data Analysis

Textual data comes in a variety of formats, which information technology (IT) specialists and end-users must be aware of and address when developing and using textual solutions. When you ask a person about processing text, the usual reaction is to simply say – “well you just read text…”  Most people do not give a second thought to reading text.  They think that text is just text and that



4 Aug, 2017

Text and Business Value

04 August, 2017
William H. Inmon
Best Practices

The business value of text is immense, but it is not well understood by most organizations. Analysis of textual data can provide a wide variety of benefits. It is intuitively obvious to many people that there is great business value that can be derived from the analysis of text. But the relationship between business value and the analysis of text is not obvious to everyone. So, in order to explici



3 Jul, 2017

Responsibility for Textual Data

03 July, 2017
William H. Inmon
Best Practices

Textual data is a valuable component for business analytics, but the responsibility for gathering and managing textual data is unclear. Consider textual processing for delivering business value. Where does the end user turn? The end user certainly recognizes the value of textual data. Intuitively the end user knows that there is a wealth of value to be found in text. But the end user also knows th



23 Jun, 2017

Is Text Unstructured?

23 June, 2017
William H. Inmon
Best Practices

Text, the basis of language, can be considered to be unstructured by technicians. However, for others, text and language have a definite structure. It is the simplest of questions. Ask any technician if text – language – is structured or unstructured. If your technician is knowledgeable, the technician will assure you that text is unstructured. In fact the technician will think that you are so




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