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Data Management

Data Strategy Concepts

Every organization needs a data strategy to develop and use the value of its data and information assets.  Developing a data strategy requires executive commitment

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Business Analysis

Managing Stakeholders

The Business Analyst meets with stakeholders, but does the Business Analyst manage stakeholders?  The successful BA should engage in stakeholder management to ensure the correct

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foundation of data
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Foundations of Data Science

Data Science is a complex function, where data manipulation, analysis and data management combine with scientific methods, processes, and systems to extract knowledge or insights

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Enterprise Architecture Defined

An enterprise architecture (EA) is a series of conceptual blueprints that defines the structure and operation of an organization to enable strategic progress. Enterprise Architecture

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Concepts and Uses of Open Data

The use of open data is becoming more popular. Data management professionals should develop familiarity with the concept, use, and challenges of open data. Introduction

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