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1 Jan, 2006

Enabling High Quality Analytics through a Data Validity Dimension

01 January, 2006
Pete Stiglich
Data Warehousing

Using a specialized data validity dimension in a data warehouse design can support data quality and analytics capabilities. Introduction While working on an Enterprise Data Warehouse for a state court system the issue of poor data quality in the source systems became apparent.  Referential integrity was not strictly enforced and there was very little in the way of attribute level constraints. 


10 Oct, 2005

Facilitate Customer Integration using Generic Dimensional Modeling Techniques

10 October, 2005
Pete Stiglich
Data Integration

Customer data integration can be improved by using generic dimensional modeling techniques Introduction If you are undertaking a Customer Data Integration (CDI) or Customer Master Data Management (MDM) project as part of a dimensional modeling endeavor, how will you tackle the problem of how to store customer addresses? Using customer addresses for direct marketing, analysis of household penetrati


1 Jul, 2005

Designing the Optimal Metadata Tool

01 July, 2005
David P. Marco

Effective metadata management rs software require with robust functionality, enabling full capability for business and technical users Introduction Many government agencies and corporations are currently examining the metadata tools on the marketplace to decide which of these tools, if any, meet the requirements for their metadata management solutions.  Often these same organizations want to know


1 Jul, 2017

Metadata Strategy Overview

01 July, 2017
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Metadata Management

Organizations need a strategy for managing metadata.  This strategy should be part of an enterprise data strategy, enabling the management of data as an organizational resource. Introduction Traditional systems development and implementation has focused on processes, rather than on data as the foundation of the enterprise.  A data orientation represents a major cultural change. It is not only a


1 Jul, 2017

The Importance of Data Integration

01 July, 2017
David P. Marco
Data Integration

Following some proven guidelines for data integration will ensure success in data warehousing and business intelligence, analytics and related systems initiatives. Introduction Almost every Chief Information Officer (CIO) has the goal of integrating their organization’s data.  In fact, the issue of data integration has risen all the way to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Executive O


1 Jan, 2004

Metadata Management and Enterprise Architecture

01 January, 2004
David P. Marco

Every successful enterprise architecture relies on enterprise metadata management as part of its foundation. Introduction Almost every large government agency or Global 2000 company is struggling to properly manage an enterprise information technology (IT) architecture.  This difficulty is the direct result of the highly distributed, disjoined and overly expensive IT environments which currently


1 Oct, 2003

Data Architecture and Packaged Implementations Part Three

01 October, 2003
Daniel Roth
Best Practices

Challenges to implementing data architecture with packaged applications can be overcome by addressing issues and challenges during design Introduction In a previous article I discussed some issues that a client encountered when trying to implement a packaged application. They were convinced that the business would make the decisions and IT was not going to interfere in their packaged implementatio


1 Jul, 2003

Data Architecture and Packaged Implementations Part Two

01 July, 2003
Daniel Roth
Best Practices

Every organization should follow a set of guidelines for implementing packaged applications to ensure architectural harmony and avoid numerous problems. Previously I discussed some issues that a client encountered when trying to implement a packaged application.  They were convinced that the business would make the decisions and IT was not going to interfere in their packaged implementation.  Th


1 Jan, 2003

Business-Focused Data Analysis

01 January, 2003
Larissa Moss
More Data Geekery

Business-focused data analysis activities allow for understanding data and correcting any discrepancies, regardless of systems design or implementation Introduction initiative is the first attempt at bringing business data together from multiple sources in order to make it available across different departments. Organizations that use a traditional system development approach on their data warehou


1 Oct, 2002

Data Mining

01 October, 2002
Larissa Moss
Data Warehousing

Data mining is a powerful analytical activity that can be used with data warehouses and with operational systems, yielding valuable insights. Introduction Data mining is often confused with "writing lots of reports and queries," when in fact data mining activities do not involve any traditional report writing or querying at all.  Data mining is performed through a specialized tool, which executes



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