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Dimensional Data Modeling Fact Qualifier Matrix

Fact Qualifier Matrix capabilities can be expanded to improve the value of conformed dimensions in business intelligence and analytics systems Introduction The venerable Fact Qualifier Matrix (FQM) has been a tool long used for demonstrating for dimensional models how fact and dimension tables intersect to ensure that dimensional models are conformed. A key principle of dimensional modeling is that dimensions must

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Global Project Management Office Implementation Part 3

Project Management Office (PMO) implementations require four elements to ensure successful planning, execution and measurement of the PMO function Introduction There are four elements that help organizations and individuals working in a Project Management Office (PMO) to establish assessment criteria, prepare for execution, develop an action plan, and measure the benefits of a global project management office. Mature organizations lead

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Data Security or the Ethics of “Inappropriate Curiosity”

Ethical challenges to data usage can arise from many sources, including “inappropriate curiosity.” All organizations should enforce good ethical data management behaviors. Introduction Early reports have been disheartening. Several contractors for the Federal Government Department of State have been disciplined and dismissed for “inappropriate curiosity” over data held in their charge. What were they thinking! Any possible political motivation on

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Global Project Management Office Implementation Part 2

Challenges to Project Management Office (PMO) implementation can be addressed by following best practices and proven techniques Introduction Creating and designing (planning) a Project Management  Office (PMO) is half of the work – seeing it through (executing) is the work itself and it is a very important component for any newly established PMO. Furthermore, understanding the challenges that surround a

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Project Risk Assessment in Uncertain Organizational Climates

Project risk assessment and management are important project management activities. All project managers should assess risk for every project and manage it appropriately. Introduction Risk assessment is often one of the most neglected yet most important areas of project management . This is largely because many project managers have not taken the time at the onset of the project to

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Global Project Management Office Implementation Part 1

Global Project Management Office (PMO) development and implementation requires planning and support to ensure successful implementation Introduction There has been a growth in the Project Management  Office (PMO) market and PMOs seem mushrooming everywhere in every organization. The good news is it is about time the PMO function started to take a prominent role within the various industries and among

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Benefits of an EIM Initiative

Through the development of an enterprise information management program, organizations can realize many business benefits and manage data as an asset. Introduction More and more companies are coming to the realization that an Enterprise Information / Data Management (EIM)  initiative provides a critical foundation that is essential to meet today’s many business challenges. A fundamental asset of any organization is

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Performance Benefits of Surrogate Keys in Dimensional Models

There are many benefits to implementing surrogate keys in a dimensional model design for a data warehouse data model Introduction There are many reasons for implementing surrogate keys in Dimensional Models (enterprise data modeling) such as insulating dimensions from changes to source systems and enabling historical versioning of dimension members. However, query performance in the data warehouse  is another primary

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Data Governance Maturity Overview

Using a data governance maturity model to assess and continually measure the performance of the data governance program can give any organization tactical and strategic benefits. Introduction Generally, data governance  is a long-term strategic initiative, but data governance can also deliver short-term, tactical benefits. The need for both strategic and tactical approaches to data governance contributes to an organization’s confusion

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Fundamentals of the Capability Maturity Model

Using a framework such as a Capability Maturity Model (CMM) brings many benefits to any organization, for any project or program. Introduction Would you eat in a restaurant that had not been inspected periodically by the local inspector? Of course, you would not – because you could not be sure that the restaurant followed the best sanitary practices as a

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