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20 Nov, 2011

Metadata: The Key to Decision Support

20 November, 2011
David P. Marco

Managed metadata using a repository is the foundation of a successful decision support or analytics system.  Business intelligence needs metadata's capabilities. Introduction Building a metadata repository MME  is critical for accessing, maintaining, and controlling the vital information stored in our decision support (DSS) or analytics systems.  While metadata has always been a central covenan


1 Jan, 1999

Data Mart Migration

01 January, 1999
David P. Marco
Data Warehousing

Fully architected solutions to data warehouse / analytics systems, not independent data marts, is the right way to ensure all the benefits of integrated data Introduction The need for an architected solution to decision support / analytics data, as opposed to the proliferation of independent data marts is becoming increasingly apparent.  The spread of independent data marts  have created "island


1 Jan, 1999

Stranded on Islands of Data

01 January, 1999
David P. Marco
Data Warehousing

Independent data marts create stranded, unusable data.  Independent data marts can spread like a disease through an organization and must be eradicated. There is a severe disease that has spread to epidemic proportions throughout our society. This disease is particularly dangerous as its effects are not readily identifiable at the time of infection. However, if this condition goes untreated, it c



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