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Optimizing MDM with Agile Data Governance

Master Data Management can support a total view of common data (customer, product, location, etc.)  Agile data governance can support the development and implementation of effective master data management Multiple regulatory compliance initiatives such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and other

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Choosing Technology Solutions to Support Data Governance

When selecting technology solutions to support a Data Governance program it is important to conduct a thorough and focused assessment While Data Governance is fundamentally about cultural and organizational aspects and cannot be solved only by technology, technological solutions play

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Basic Data Governance Definitions

It is essential for all data management professionals to know these data governance terms and their definitions Data Governance: defines the people, processes, framework and organization necessary to ensure that an organization’s information assets (data and metadata) are formally, properly,

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Fundamental Habits of Effective Business Analysts

Business analysis is a specialized skill. Following are some practices and behaviors that help a business analyst (BA) contribute to project success. Software managers sometimes assume that every skilled developer can also interview customers and write requirements, without any training,

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Fostering the Business Analyst Mindset

How can an organization develop its business analysis function? What actions can encourage, support and grow the business analyst mindset of the practitioners who play a pivotal role in enabling successful changes in an organization? Introduction Any business organization that

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Components of a Data Office

Since a Data Office has become a reality in many organizations, what are the foundational components of a successful data office? Moving towards a data-centric enterprise architecture affects relationships among the organization’s data stakeholders and requires rethinking the data management

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