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13 Jan, 2019

Cyber-bullying and Online Harassment

13 January, 2019
Catherine Nolan
Data Security

The pervasive and anonymous use of social media has increased the rate and frequency of online harassment and cyber-bullying, endangering the data, safety, reputation, and even lives of many people Introduction It is no secret that people are bullied, harassed, and threatened over the internet, to the point where, if someone disagrees with another person, death threats often are the result. Both J


9 Jan, 2019

The Value of Context to Textual Data Analysis

09 January, 2019
William H. Inmon
Textual Data Analysis

Context is essential to the meaning of any text. The value of context in textual data analysis cannot be overlooked. We take context for granted. Context is free and natural and just comes with data. Right? When we look into this proposition we find out that it is anything but true. Context is necessary but it does not come free and is not naturally associated with data. The association must be ex


14 Dec, 2018

Requirements for Agile Projects

14 December, 2018
Joy Beatty and Karl Wiegers
Project Management

There is no difference between requirements for agile projects and those for traditional projects. Therefore, the preferred phrase should be “requirements for agile projects” Agile development approaches are used currently in most software organizations at least some of the time. With the rise in popularity of agile methods, business analysts and product owners often use the term “agile requ


27 Nov, 2018

21st Century Data Management Professions

27 November, 2018
Aimee Siliato
Professional Development

Data-oriented positions and professions may be less vulnerable to disruption by automation and new technologies, due to data management’s reliance on critical thinking, analysis, and human interaction Introduction No matter what job anyone has, the person has to know how to do that job. That is, after all, the reason the candidate was hired. Simple enough, right? Not really. The rapid growth and


10 Oct, 2018

Data Analytics and Big Data Management

10 October, 2018
Martin Frappolli, CPCU, FIDM, AIC
Data Management

Data and business analytics, blockchain, data science, big data management, and other trends in data management and technology will enable efficiencies in risk management and insurance for many years. Introduction In Part One of this series, we spoke of how the great volume of new data types, such as data generated by the Internet of Things, will be a catalyst for improved risk management, loss pr


1 Oct, 2018

Waterfall versus Agile Project Management

01 October, 2018
Michael F. Palladino, PMP
Project Management

Waterfall and agile project management styles have strengths and weaknesses. Both are suitable in specific situations. Know the strengths and weaknesses, and when to use one style over another for successful project management. Introduction Many project management professionals inquire about “agile project management”. Since Agile is a bit difficult to describe by itself, it is better to outli


21 Sep, 2018

Data Models Ensure Successful Migrations

21 September, 2018
Peter Stiglich, CDMP
Data Architecture

When migrating data across platforms, it is critically important to have three full data models to support the effort, with the relevant metadata.  Having these models will reduce time, costs, and effort needed to perform the migration successfully. Introduction Migrating data from one platform (e.g., legacy applications) to another (e.g., DW, ERP, MDM) is a difficult endeavor requiring understan


13 Sep, 2018

Business Analyst Toolkit

13 September, 2018
Nimil Parikh
Business Analysis

Every business analyst should know the optimal tools and techniques to use in any situation. Having this skill reduces stress, improves performance, and enables better results Introduction Chaos! Stress! Everyday mess! Isn’t this an everyday situation for a business analyst (BA)? If not, either you have reached job satisfaction or you have not been introduced to the real world of business analys


5 Sep, 2018

Extended Data Dictionary Approach and Benefits

05 September, 2018
LN Mishra
Business Analysis

An extended data dictionary can provide business requirements analysts with the ability to catalog and use many more attributes and metadata than an standard data dictionary Introduction One of the key goals of business analysis is to obtain complete solution requirements​. Among the solution requirements, possibly the largest share falls to user interface requirements, since most applications h


7 May, 2019

Developing Skills through Continuous Learning

07 May, 2019
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Professional Development

Every professional, in every field, must be ready and willing to learn continually so they can maintain their skills and develop new approaches to an ever-changing world Introduction In the 21st century, every professional must be ready to embrace continuous education, and develop a willingness to learn new skills to develop talents that enable them to contribute to the ever-changing world and its



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