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14 Aug, 2017

Choosing a Database Management System or a Query Engine

14 August, 2017
Steve Sarsfield

Database management systems and query engines may seem to be suited for analytics. However, it is important to understand the technical and business requirements for the solution before choosing. Introduction As we travel through life, we are constantly assessing our choices. Should you eat that salad, or opt for the burger? Should you marry your partner or seek greener pastures elsewhere? All of



21 Jul, 2017

Challenges of Data Warehouse Re-Architecture

21 July, 2017
Bruce D. Johnson
Data Warehousing

Data warehouse / business intelligence / analytics environments require business and IT cooperation for successful architecture and design Introduction In working with many large corporations across a variety of industries, it is clear that we all face the reality of re-architecting data warehouses, whether we want to admit it or not. Since data warehouses are business driven (rethink your strateg



17 Jul, 2017

The Increasing Importance of Metadata and Lineage

17 July, 2017
Darshil Mehta
Metadata Management

The increasing value of data and information demonstrates the need to know the lineage of the data and its metadata to understand its relevance to operations and decisions Introduction The data landscape is changing faster than before. Big data, legacy data, external data, internal data, data of data and much more; organizations want to use all possible types of data where they can because there i



17 Jul, 2017

Foundations of Database Operations

17 July, 2017
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Database Operations

Database operations is the development, maintenance, and support of structured data to maximize the value of data across the organization. This function includes database support and data technology management. Introduction The management of database operations provide support to the organization for its data and information, from data acquisition to data purging. Database support is at the heart



5 Oct, 2016

Four Foundational Data Governance Policies

05 October, 2016
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Best Practices

Every organization needs a set of foundational policies to manage the basic operations of data governance.  Policies are different from guiding principles Introduction Every organization needs to create and maintain a set of basic or foundational policies to manage the operations of data governance effectively.  Many people confuse the terms "policy" with "guiding principle."  Policies are "the



5 Apr, 2017

Metadata Management Fundamentals

05 April, 2017
David P. Marco
Metadata Management

Metadata management is one of the foundational components of an enterprise data management initiative. Many organizations struggle with its incorporation into their data management processes. Metadata Management’s Relationship to Data Management Data Management is one of the hottest topics in our industry as Global 2000 companies and large government agencies are beginning to understand that wit



4 Aug, 2017

Text and Business Value

04 August, 2017
William H. Inmon
Best Practices

The business value of text is immense, but it is not well understood by most organizations. Analysis of textual data can provide a wide variety of benefits. It is intuitively obvious to many people that there is great business value that can be derived from the analysis of text. But the relationship between business value and the analysis of text is not obvious to everyone. So, in order to explici



3 Jul, 2017

Responsibility for Textual Data

03 July, 2017
William H. Inmon
Best Practices

Textual data is a valuable component for business analytics, but the responsibility for gathering and managing textual data is unclear. Consider textual processing for delivering business value. Where does the end user turn? The end user certainly recognizes the value of textual data. Intuitively the end user knows that there is a wealth of value to be found in text. But the end user also knows th



23 Jun, 2017

Is Text Unstructured?

23 June, 2017
William H. Inmon
Best Practices

Text, the basis of language, can be considered to be unstructured by technicians. However, for others, text and language have a definite structure. It is the simplest of questions. Ask any technician if text – language – is structured or unstructured. If your technician is knowledgeable, the technician will assure you that text is unstructured. In fact the technician will think that you are so



5 Jun, 2017

Managed Metadata Environment (MME): A Complete Walkthrough

05 June, 2017
David Marco
Metadata Management

A managed metadata environment (MME) is the optimal approach to metadata architecture for meeting business and technical requirements Introduction Almost every corporation and government agency has already built, is in the process of building, or is looking to build a Managed Metadata Environment (MME), either as part of a metadata solution or within an enterprise data management initiative.  Man




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