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Next Best Practices in Professional Development

As data management professionals advance in their career journeys, professional development should be prioritized. There are several areas that contribute to career growth and maintaining relevancy. Professional development should be a priority for all data management professionals, no matter where

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Creating the Vision for Data Governance

Effective data governance starts with a vision, and that vision must be at the enterprise level and commonly understood and communicated. At the highest level, data governance is concerned with the management of data – its availability, currency, usefulness, accuracy

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Data Stewardship Roles: A Complete Guide

Every organization needs to understand the industry best and proven practices concerning the various roles in data stewardship to ensure an effective enterprise program Data Stewardship is the process of having data stewards work with the data and metadata of

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Tips to Sell Data Management to Executives

Persuading executives, managers, and other leaders about the need for data management and its components is as important as the best practices themselves.  Data Management professionals attending educational events can find some wonderful presentations, excellent best practices, and great opportunities

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Responsibilities of an Information Product Manager

If information should be treated as a product, then it should be managed accordingly.  All information should be assigned to a product manager. Information should be managed over its product life cycle in the same way as a successful physical

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