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The 3 C’s of Information Product Management

To enable information quality in any environment, it is essential to identify the collectors, consumers, and custodians of each item of information and define their responsibilities clearly. If organizations want to treat information as a product, then they must look

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10 Key Components of Data Governance Program

Data governance has 10 key components that exist to meet the enterprise’s data management requirements. All are essential to success Data governance is the foundation of all data management programs. It is an essential discipline that supports all other data

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Aligning Data Governance and Enterprise Data Modeling

Having an organizational understanding of the essential data used across the enterprise, through the development of a Subject Area Model and a foundational Conceptual Data Model, can improve the effectiveness of a Data Governance program Increasingly, enterprises are recognizing the

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Points to Consider in a Data Strategy

So many organizations do not have a basic component for success in the information age: an enterprise data strategy.  The risks of not having and implementing a data strategy are immense. The topic of a data strategy is almost as

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Treating Data as a Product

A key principle to start and sustain any successful business process is to “treat data and information as a product.” There are many issues related to information quality and information management practices that affect information quality in organizations.  Every organization

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Conceptual Data Modelling Starts with Business Use Cases

Conceptual Data Modeling Starts with Business Use Cases

Business analysis efforts should start with a conceptual data model based on use case content Successful business analysis requires understanding of business. One of the essential tools for understanding a business is a conceptual data model. Even though conceptual models

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Some Best Practices in Data Governance

Every organization needs to know and apply proven, best practices in data governance to be able to realize the value of their data and information assets Governance defines the way we manage, monitor and measure different aspects of an organization.

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Smart Data Distancing – A Necessity or a Myth?

Applying some habits from “social distancing” to data could have a variety of benefits for any organization As an adage goes, “Desperate situations call for desperate measures”. The driving force for many new opportunities arise from unforeseen circumstances. The term

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