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Larry Burns

Larry Burns is a specialist in the field of data and database management, with a career as a data architect, data modeler, database developer, consultant, and teacher.  He has developed an extensive repertoire of tools, techniques, and expertise that enables businesses to reuse their data and derive maximum value from their databases more easily. Larry has an extensive background in application development, and contributed significantly to the success of many major projects.  He has also been involved in teaching, lecturing and writing on various topics of database management and application development, particularly Agile Development.

Larry is the author of the books “Building The Agile Database” (Technics Publications, 2011), “Growing Business Intelligence” (Technics Publications, 2016) and “Data Model Storytelling” (Technics Publications, 2021) and has been an instructor and advisor in the University of Washington’s certificate program in Data Resource Management.

Larry holds degrees from the University of Washington (B.S.), Seattle University (M.S.E), and certification as a data management professional.

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