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Data Literacy Training

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Data literacy describes an individual’s ability to read, understand, and utilize data in different ways. It doesn’t require an individual to be an expert like a data scientist or analyst, but being data literate means someone understands basic concepts, such as:

  • Different types of data and how to use them
  • Common data sources and which ones to trust or avoid
  • Types of analysis for solving different types of problems
  • Data quality and how it affects data use
  • Tools, techniques, that help present and explain data

As businesses and organizations become more focused on using data to make accurate decisions, the demand for professionals who are data literate will continue to increase.   Organizations should support improving the data literacy skills of all their professionals, regardless of their role or position.

EWSolutions’ training courses in data literacy can help you identify and implement the right levels of data literacy that meet your organization’s needs.

EWSolutions’ data literacy training courses cover all areas of data literacy for professionals of every department, including executives and C-suite leaders. EWSolutions’ training enables your organization to develop and maintain the optimal data literacy program based on industry standards and best practices.

Explore the complete EWSolutions’ course catalog here:

“All successful organizations are data literate organizations.”

David P. Marco, President of EWSolutions
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