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Data Governance Training

Training Class 2016

“The overwhelming majority of data governance programs are unsustainable because their teams failed to implement proven data governance best practices and techniques.”

Dr. David P. Marco, President of EWSolutions

Data governance provides oversight and management of data as an organizational asset, based on development and implementation of policies, practices, and standards that can add value to any enterprise. EWSolutions’ data governance training courses offer a total approach to data governance, from the foundational education through the development and sustainment of a full data governance program for organizations of any size or industry.

In addition, EWSolutions’ data stewardship training teaches the practical and proven practices and techniques used by successful data stewards. Formulated for business as well technical data stewards, the courses address the concepts in data stewardship and apply them in a case study approach. Data stewardship training can be the catalyst for a successful data stewardship function.

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