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M3SM : Metadata Management Methodology

EWSolutions’ metadata management methodology, M3sm, is the industry’s first documented metadata development methodology. This groundbreaking methodology is iterative, scalable, flexible, and most importantly, all-inclusive. Created in 2003 and continually enhanced through experience at over 100 client partner engagements, M3sm provides over 150 detailed narratives with additional templates to ensure that your metadata implementation is guided by best practices. Using M3sm can reduce your managed metadata implementation time by 50 – 60%.

EWSolutions’ unique cookbook approach allows you to select the necessary best practices in each stage for your implementation, adjusting the methodology to fit your needs while maintaining best practices and proven techniques.


92% Cost Savings – average company spends at least $1M building and implementing a managed metadata approach; organizations experience 95% failure rate when attempting to develop a metadata implementation without a methodology

Field Proven – successful implementations have used M3sm since 2003; industry’s first comprehensive and flexible metadata strategy and implementation methodology; M3sm used at EWSolutions with over 100 client partners

Comprehensive and Customizable – M3sm is industry’s only fully defined, comprehensive, flexible methodology for metadata strategy and implementation; over 150 narratives with detailed activities; an additional 90 artifacts, project plans, example templates, etc?; 100% adaptable and customizable to any organization contact form to learn more about how EWSolutions’ M3sm Metadata Methodology can help you and your organization.

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