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Business Intelligence 101: A Thorough Definition

Data provides more reliable insight into organizational outcomes than intuition alone can. That’s why most managers build dashboards to monitor their sales pipeline, revenue generated, and churn rates: to get real-time updates on their team’s overall progress. While those are

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Origins of Logical and Physical Data Modeling

Knowing the origins of logical and physical data modeling concepts and techniques can help data architects and data analysts understand the field of data management and the relationship between data modeling and other data disciplines In the early days of

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Enterprise Information Delivery Methods

A variety of methods can deliver information across an enterprise, including ad hoc and on-demand reports, dashboards, and analytics capabilities. Most data warehouse environments offer users a variety of information sources.  Architectures can contain data staging areas, operational data stores,

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Aligning Finance and Data Management

Many organizations want to adopt data management capabilities to current business functions, but do not know how to do that.  One proven approach combines techniques from finance and data management. There are many discussions within various business departments about the

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Strategies for Maintaining Small Analytics Projects

Not all business intelligence / analytics efforts must be large, multi-phased initiatives.  Small, focused, quickly completed projects can provide lasting value to any organization. Small, focused analytical efforts can be of great benefit to an organization.  Often, they are used

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