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Self-Organizing Project Teams

Agile project management requires self-organizing teams that can adapt to a variety of projects, including data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics initiatives. Extreme Scoping is an agile project management approach for building data warehouse and business intelligence (DW and BI)

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Data Warehouse Automation Benefits and Use Cases

Explaining data warehouse automation can be challenging, but all data warehouse / business intelligence professionals should understand the concepts and practices. Data warehouse automation is not some sort of wizardry. It does not automagically build, model, and load a data

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Data Architecture: What It Is and Why You Need It

Every organization, of every size and industry, needs a data architecture to become a more data-driven enterprise. In a digital economy, enterprises of every size and industry strive to maximize the value of data for improved business performance. Data architecture

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Effective Data Security Strategies

Every organization needs a variety of security strategies for all areas of enterprise data management, with responsibilities assigned to business and technology teams Security threats exist against every enterprise’s information assets, whether it is accessible through the Internet or buried

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Data Governance and Business Process Alignment

Data does not exist in a vacuum.  Therefore, data governance should not be practiced alone.  Remember to include the processes that affect and are affected by data for a robust data governance program Governance is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the

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The Art of Professional Relationships in the Virtual World

The virtual world is here to stay. Data management professionals must embrace this next normal, while re-evaluating how they approach establishing and maintaining professional relationships. Virtual relationships are here to stay!  Embracing this next normal, while reimagining how to establish

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Challenges in Achieving Data Quality Accuracy

Determining “accuracy” is not always an easy task, and not all data lends itself to discovering a single value for data quality accuracy Several recent articles have brought to light how difficult it can be to determine and maintain the

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