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Project Management

Self-Organizing Project Teams

Agile project management requires self-organizing teams that can adapt to a variety of projects, including data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics initiatives. Extreme Scoping is an agile project management approach for building data warehouse and business intelligence (DW and BI)

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A New Approach to Agile Project Management

Data warehousing / business intelligence / analytics programs require a different approach to project management.  Quick deliverables, simplified scope, and attention to rapid results are combined in a method called “Extreme Scoping” Every organization needs a methodology to manage projects

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Responsibilities of an Information Product Manager

If information should be treated as a product, then it should be managed accordingly.  All information should be assigned to a product manager. Information should be managed over its product life cycle in the same way as a successful physical

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Three Simple Steps to Communication Success

Communication and miscommunication affect projects and so much more. There are simple steps anyone can take to improve all communications Most people have witnessed situations where two project team members start out talking calmly, then quickly escalate to a heated

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Agile Program Framework for Data and Analytics

It is important to connect program-level agile frameworks with data and analytics delivery and the variety of application programs that will benefit from agile, flexible development As many organizations move beyond agile for individual projects, they make a transition to

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Requirements for Agile Projects

There is no difference between requirements for agile projects and those for traditional projects. Therefore, the preferred phrase should be “requirements for agile projects” Agile development approaches are used currently in most software organizations at least some of the time.

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Waterfall versus Agile Project Management

Waterfall and agile project management styles have strengths and weaknesses. Both are suitable in specific situations. Know the strengths and weaknesses, and when to use one style over another for successful project management. Many project management professionals inquire about “agile

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The Third Dimension in Project Management

Project management requires the use of a solid framework and an experienced project manager to ensure the success of any project, any size, in any industry Introduction I was hooked on watching the Iron Chef – what got me interested

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