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Data Management

EIM Framework Components and Dependencies

Every enterprise data / information management program contains aspects of several component areas, and each program should leverage the alignments and dependencies between these components for their maximum benefits and value to the organization. Many organizations find that using an

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Healthcare Data Management Challenges

Healthcare data can present a series of challenges not often found in other industries, sometimes based on the disparate systems and processes Data management in many industries, such as travel, transportation, retail, finance, can seem similar to many practitioners.  However,

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Guiding Principles of Enterprise Information Management

Every organization needs an enterprise approach to manage its data assets; every program should be based on common guiding principles Many organizations struggle to obtain the full benefits of their Enterprise Information Management (EIM) initiative by approaching the framework components

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Tips to Sell Data Management to Executives

Persuading executives, managers, and other leaders about the need for data management and its components is as important as the best practices themselves.  Data Management professionals attending educational events such as TDWI, EDW DAMA, Data Governance Conference, International Oracle Users

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Points to Consider in a Data Strategy

So many organizations do not have a basic component for success in the information age: an enterprise data strategy.  The risks of not having and implementing a data strategy are immense. The topic of a data strategy is almost as

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Smart Data Distancing – A Necessity or a Myth?

Applying some habits from “social distancing” to data could have a variety of benefits for any organization As an adage goes, “Desperate situations call for desperate measures”. The driving force for many new opportunities arise from unforeseen circumstances. The term

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Sustainable IT Can Improve Profits and Planet

Using sustainable approaches in information technologies, especially with business intelligence and analytics initiatives, can help organizations improve the planet and their profits Sustainability is a general term, usually associated with “green” initiatives that address governance of our planet.  It includes

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A New View of Data Ethics

A new definition of data integrity focuses on adherence to an ethical approach to managing and using data, an objective and unbiased view One of the main areas of responsibility for anyone concerned with the management of data is the

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