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13 Aug, 2018

Data Governance Rules and Baseball

13 August, 2018
Anne Buff
Data Governance

There are many parallels between America’s favorite pastime and data governance, since both are governed by rules, require action, and need excellent communication. Introduction While peanuts and cracker jacks may not be readily available in data governance meetings, and you may actually care if you get back [home] at some point, the essence of baseball can be broken down into three core areas t



5 Oct, 2016

Four Foundational Data Governance Policies

05 October, 2016
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Best Practices

Every organization needs a set of foundational policies to manage the basic operations of data governance.  Policies are different from guiding principles Introduction Every organization needs to create and maintain a set of basic or foundational policies to manage the operations of data governance effectively.  Many people confuse the terms "policy" with "guiding principle."  Policies are "the



5 Apr, 2017

Performance Metrics for Data Governance and Data Stewardship

05 April, 2017
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Data Governance

Metrics and the measurements they create are essential to the success of every data governance program and every data stewardship effort. Introduction Organizations that implement any new initiative must be able to measure its success so the program's leadership can deliver progress reports to stakeholders and sponsors.  Communicating success based on measured facts enables the program to demonst



1 Oct, 2010

Challenges to Data Governance Deployment

01 October, 2010
Deborah Henderson
Data Governance

Challenges to successful data governance deployment are numerous, but can be avoided or overcome through attention to best practices and industry standards Introduction Corporate interest in data governance often starts with recognition within data integration projects that there is a high variability in success and that this can be attributed, partially, to a lack of standardized approaches to d



5 Jun, 2016

Identifying Business Value for Data Governance and Data Stewardship

05 June, 2016
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.

Ensure that your organization can identify the actual business value data governance and data stewardship contribute to start and maintain the program Introduction Often, data governance and data stewardship programs are cited for a lack of tangible metrics that indicate the success of the initiative.  Without identifying criteria for measuring the results of the data governance program and the a



5 May, 2016

Data Governance Guiding Principles

05 May, 2016
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.

Base your data governance program on a set of enduring guiding principles to ensure long-term success! Introduction Guiding principles are statements that direct the organization in the course of its operations, in all circumstances, regardless of changes in management or other impermanent things.  In a continuing program such as data governance, it is important to establish a set of points that



20 Feb, 2015

Data Governance Assessments

20 February, 2015
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Data Governance

Evaluating the current state of data governance practices is an excellent way to learn about the organization's approach to managing data as an asset, and to improve data governance performance. Introduction Organizations considering a new approach to data governance frequently wonder about the current state of their data governance efforts.  The enterprise may have started a data governance prog



20 Jul, 2013

Foundations of Data Governance

20 July, 2013
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Data Governance

Data governance is the foundational component of the enterprise data management function.  It is responsible for the development and implementation of policies and standards for managing data and information across and within the organization. Introduction Data governance is the planning, oversight, and control over management of data and the use of data and data-related resources, and the develo



20 Aug, 2011

Foundations of Data Stewardship

20 August, 2011
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Data Governance

Data stewardship is the role practiced by business staff that implements the policies and standards developed by data governance professionals. Data stewards ensure the quailty of data for use. Introduction Data stewardship is the management and oversight of an organization's data assets according to established data governance practices.  Selected business users ensure that the organization has



1 Oct, 2006

Data Governance Maturity Overview

01 October, 2006
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Data Governance

Using a data governance maturity model to assess and continually measure the performance of the data governance program can give any organization tactical and strategic benefits. Introduction Generally, data governance  is a long-term strategic initiative, but data governance can also deliver short-term, tactical benefits. The need for both strategic and tactical approaches to data governance con




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