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Data Management U is dedicated to providing informative, vendor-neutral, real-world approaches to the challenges of implementing data management, enterprise architecture, metadata management, data governance and data stewardship, data warehousing and business intelligence initiatives. Through our regular articles and through other media, members can increase their knowledge in any aspect of data management.

At the heart of DMU is an electronic newsletter dedicated to providing informative, vendor-neutral, real-world solutions to the challenges of implementing decision support / data warehousing systems, metadata management, information management, and data governance initiatives. DMU has over 28,000 readers of each issue. We actively solicit writers who would like to contribute to the body of knowledge in the data management field, and welcome new writers as well as established authors.

If you would like to submit an article for DMU, please contact Dr. Anne Marie Smith (Executive Editor) at We do not accept vendor papers that sell or actively promote a product or service.

Article Topics

  • All articles must be relevant to the enterprise data management arena and focused on professional rather than academic approaches.
  • In addition, articles addressing new avenues of technology or industry trends are also excellent topics, without vendor or sales material.
  • Articles are judged on the basis of their readability, completeness, and value to a 3rd person reading it.

Article Length and Preparation

An article can be 800 – 3000 words in length. Articles greater than about 1500 words should be broken into multiple parts, with the parts identified in the titles.

Keep in mind that it is important to be thorough, without being “wordy.” Typically, articles are 900 – 1500 words in length. The title of an article should be concise, and descriptive.

Authors MUST provide a brief autobiography (3 -4 sentences) with email address and a phone number for contact by the editors (if necessary).

Please include a set of relevant keywords to be used in search engine tagging at the end of the article, focused on the content and topic of your article. We recommend that an author offer at least five (5) keywords and phrases; more if possible.

Please include relevant external links to appropriate websites and information sources in your article. Doing so reinforces the material in the article, offers connections to sharing the article across related communities, and provides additional ways for readers to engage with the topic.

Authors MUST provide at least one relevant, royalty-free image or graphic near the beginning of the article. Additional, royalty-free or original graphics are also encouraged, subject to the restrictions below.

Articles shall be in MS Word or RTF (Rich Text Format) only; no PDFs will be accepted. Please, NO HTML. We will convert your documents to HTML.

Paragraphs shall be separated with 2 CRLF (In other words, press the ENTER key 2 times to separate paragraphs). Do not use indentations or tabs in an article.

The author is responsible for submitting graphics in a format accepted by the editor. Please do not use text boxes or line draw in MS Word or MS PowerPoint, since they do not convert to Web pages easily. GIF’s and JPG’s are preferable. Please make sure that all graphics fit properly into a browser window no larger than 800×600. Each graphic must be less then 20K in size and an article should have a total for all graphics less than 80K.

Questions? Have an article to submit? Please contact Data Management U’s editor at

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