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Adanma Kadiri

Adanma Kadiri is a Certified Document Control Professional with over 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas sector. She is the author of “Understanding

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Adrián F. Ruffinatti

Adrián F. Ruffinatti is an Information Systems Engineer & Systems Analyst, a Professor at the National Technologic University in Strategic Management and Programming subjects, Cordoba Regional

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Aimee Siliato, FIDM

Aimee Siliato, FIDM is an experienced data management professional with related experience in actuarial science, product development and government relations. Aimee has led the Insurance Services

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Alaa Mahjoub

Alaa Mahjoub is an experienced data management consultant, focused on transportation, defense, utilities, and petroleum at various governmental organizations. His experience across the EMEA and

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Amber O’Connell

Amber O’Connell is the Director of Data Governance for the State of Tennessee. She is the first to serve in that role and is working

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Boost Analytics and Business Decision Making with a Data Catalog

Amichai Fenner

Before joining Octopai Amichai worked as a full stack BI expert for over 7 years. Amichai has expertise in BI methodology and architecture as well

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Amnon Drori

Amnon Drori has over 20 years of leadership experience in technology companies. Before co-founding Octopai he led sales efforts at companies like Panaya, Zend Technologies,

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andrea thomsen

Andrea J. Thomsen

Andrea Thomsen, is an IT leader in enterprise data management and enterprise architecture. Ms. Thomsen is versed in strategic planning, maturing data and BI delivery

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Andres Perez

Andres Perez is an effective information management practitioner, consultant, and coach, supporting enterprise data management planning to implementation from operational to analytical applications. With over 35

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Andy Field

Andy Field has been involved in information management activities for over thirty years in both the private and public sectors internationally and domestically. He has

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Anne Buff

Anne Buff is a speaker and author who specializes in the topics of data governance, MDM, data integration and data monetization. Her energy, excitement and enthusiasm

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Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.

Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of enterprise data management, data governance, data strategy, enterprise data architecture and data warehousing.

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