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Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence 101: A Thorough Definition

Data provides more reliable insight into organizational outcomes than intuition alone can. That’s why most managers build dashboards to monitor their sales pipeline, revenue generated, and churn rates: to get real-time updates on their team’s overall progress. While those are

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Strategies for Maintaining Small Analytics Projects

Not all business intelligence / analytics efforts must be large, multi-phased initiatives.  Small, focused, quickly completed projects can provide lasting value to any organization. Small, focused analytical efforts can be of great benefit to an organization.  Often, they are used

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Strategies for Web Based Business Intelligence

Is your business intelligence environment ready for safe, reliable, scalable accessibility via the Internet?  How are you addressing this challenge? Typically, business intelligence (BI) environments are constructed and deployed initially to internal clients across the corporate local area network or

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Discovering Usage Patterns for Analytical Applications

It is important to determine expected usage patterns for business intelligence and analytical applications before design, and to evaluate their actual usage after implementation to gauge success. Building an analytical solution can be an arduous task.  Many factors are required

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Data Warehouse Risks and Remedies

Every data warehouse and business intelligence initiative has risks.  Learn to identify them at the start and select the optimal remedy or mitigation technique to address each risk. It is essential to identify the potential risks within every project and

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Data Warehouse Automation Benefits and Use Cases

Explaining data warehouse automation can be challenging, but all data warehouse / business intelligence professionals should understand the concepts and practices. Data warehouse automation is not some sort of wizardry. It does not automagically build, model, and load a data

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