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Business Analysis

Fundamental Principles of Business Rules

Three fundamental principles: Severability, Accommodation, and Wholeness, form the basis of all fundamental business rules and policies. What principles in the real world (not software) necessarily underlie meaningful, pragmatic expression of business rules and other elements of guidance (i.e., advices

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Additional Habits of Effective Business Analysts

Effective business analysts should explore a variety of skills and habits to maintain and improve their skills and capabilities. Being a successful Business Analyst (BA) requires a variety of different skills and be adaptable to a changing environment. Every BA

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Fundamental Habits of Effective Business Analysts

Business analysis is a specialized skill. Following are some practices and behaviors that help a business analyst (BA) contribute to project success. Software managers sometimes assume that every skilled developer can also interview customers and write requirements, without any training,

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Fostering the Business Analyst Mindset

How can an organization develop its business analysis function? What actions can encourage, support and grow the business analyst mindset of the practitioners who play a pivotal role in enabling successful changes in an organization? Introduction Any business organization that

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Problems Addressed by Business Rules

Time to take a fresh look at business rules. What problems do they address? Why are they still so relevant? How will they relate to AI and machine learning? Business rules cover a very broad space.  Across the entire space,

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Planning for Data Mapping Projects

It is essential to develop a plan and use established processes for data mapping in advance of the project. Doing so will ensure success in ETL, data integration, and business intelligence / analytics efforts Introduction Planning is arguably the most

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Business Analyst Mindset Defined

What makes a business analyst exceptional? Although skill competency is important, the business analyst mindset plays a crucial role in the success of any business change. Introduction Business analysis is widely acknowledged as a profession and a critical competency required

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Foundations of Business Architecture

Every organization needs a business architecture – the blueprint that explains the structure of the enterprise capabilities, business processes, and information exchanges, connecting strategy with execution Introduction A Business Architecture describes the business processes and functions needed to support an

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Scope Creep Challenge Stakeholders Want More

The Business Analyst is confronted with the stakeholder’s desire to modify features, functions and requirements “just because” resulting in scope creep.  Why are the stakeholders asking for changes and what can a Business Analyst do about it? Introduction Project scope defines

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Business Analyst Toolkit

Every business analyst should know the optimal tools and techniques to use in any situation. Having this skill reduces stress, improves performance, and enables better results Introduction Chaos! Stress! Everyday mess! Isn’t this an everyday situation for a business analyst

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