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Accelerate ROI with EWSolutions Automated Data Literacy Application

Modern Data Literacy using Proven Solutions for an Agile Organization

How can EWSolutions Help With Your Data Literacy Program?

Learn how to build a lasting and automated enterprise-wide data literacy program.
Achieve data literacy for your organization with accurate and universally understood enterprise data.
Data literacy unlocks the power of a data-driven organization.

Literacy using the spoken and written words is an essential capability for effective communication and information sharing.  Data literacy is the ability to derive meaningful information from the proper understanding and use of data.

Data and the creation of relevant information from data, is crucial to an organization’s success, but many companies struggle to develop and sustain the concept of data literacy and the skills in it for their staff.

EWSolutions has been assisting organizations from its inception to realize their goals for data literacy, since many of these skills are included in aspects of data management, data governance, metadata management, data quality, etc.

Data literacy includes the following capabilities:

  • Storytelling with data
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  • Common Data Analysis Mistakes
  • Data Analysis Distribution and Testing
  • Data Structures and Data Traits
  • Understanding the policies and processes that mange / govern data throughout the organization
  • Understanding the context / meaning / definitions of data used – and how that context is affected by changes to definition / format / etc.
  • Understanding the level of quality expected for a data attribute or dataset, and knowing the actual level of quality – and how to manage the differences
  • Knowing what data is appropriate for a particular purpose – and where to access it
  • Interpreting data visualizations (charts, graphs, etc.) and how to use the correct visualization for a particular purpose
  • Thinking critically with data to enable analysis
  • Recognizing when data or information is misused or misrepresented and how to prevent those actions
  • Communicating information correctly to others, employing the ability of data storytelling to make business cases with accurate and appropriate data
Data Literacy Architecture
EWSolutions Automated Data Literacy Technical Architecture
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EWSolutions: Since 1997, The Most Successful Provider of Data Literacy Solutions

Over 155 Successful Data Literacy Client Partners

Over 155 Successful Data Literacy Client Partners

EWSolutions expert data literacy consultants will partner with your team to transform your company or agency into a data-driven organization.

Industry’s Only Data Literacy Implementation Methodology

Industry’s Only Data Literacy Implementation Methodology

After working in the most demanding environments, EWSolutions built the only Data Literacy implementation methodology.

Full-Service, Vendor-Neutral Partner

Full-Service, Vendor-Neutral Partner

We’re vendor-neutral so that our only focus is ensuring your success.

Serving Both Federal & Business Client Partners

Serving Both Federal & Business Client Partners

We’ve worked with some of the largest agencies in the United States government to enhance their data literacy.

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