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Automated, Online, On-demand And 87% Less Expensive Than Traditional Assessments

Data governance assessment management dashboard. No consultant needed!
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Automated Data Governance Assessment – Results as Fast as 2 Days!

Our automated, online, on-demand and survey-driven data governance assessment is around 87% less expensive than traditional consultant-led assessments. Our online Data Governance Assessment leverages more than 100 data governance assessments EWSolutions’ consultants have done since 1997. We have synthesized our firm’s intellectual capital into this assessment to ensure that the results you receive will help your organization build a world-class data governance and data stewardship program.

How it works?

Step #1

The purchaser of the data governance assessment will serve as the PROJECT MANAGER of the automated data governance assessment process. The PROJECT MANAGER CANNOT be changed once the assessment is purchased.”

Step #2

Identify the total number of people in your organization who you will survey for the data governance assessment. Write down each of their names, email addresses, and willingness to complete the survey.” Each identified person will take the assessment individually and their response will be aggregated and averaged to form the final data governance assessment report. You will see their aggregated scores for each section; however, their individual scores will be kept private.

Step #3

Purchase the Data Governance Assessment.

Step #4

Log into the assessment with the email and password you created during your purchase.

Step #5

Click on the “Add a Respondent” button at the top right of the website. Add each of the respondents for the data governance assessment.”. On this page MAKE SURE to enter a unique “Organization Code” at the bottom of the screen.

Step #6

The Project Manager will email the respondents to verify that they received the email link to the data governance assessment survey. Advise them to check their Junk folder. Under “MY DASHBOARD”, click on “RESPONDENT SCORES” to see who has completed the survey.”

Step #7

Under “MY DASHBOARD”, click on the “ASSESSMENT OVERVIEW” button to see how your company is scoring on the assessment and read our insights in real-time!

Step #8

Once all respondents have completed the survey the Project Manager will close the assessment.
Once the assessment is closed by the Project Manager it CANNOT be reopened.

Step #9

Under “MY DASHBOARD”, click on the “ASSESSMENT REPORT” button to read EWSolutions overall insights and recommendations for your organization as whole and for each question individually. If you’d like to a print report, just click on the “Generate PDF” button.

Step #10

Within 2 business days an EWSolutions’ data governance expert will contact the Project Manager to schedule a 90-minute meeting to walkthrough the assessment results at no extra change.

Step #11

Start building your world-class data governance program!

Steps to Purchase


Data Governance Assessment Pricing Chart*

Respondent/ Survey Count


  • 7 or fewer $9,500
  • 8 - 15 $15,000
  • 16 - 50 $30,000
  • 51 - x Contact us for pricing info@EWSolutions.com

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