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G3SM: Data Governance Methodology

EWSolutions’ data governance methodology, G3sm the industry’s only comprehensive, iterative, scalable and flexible approach to developing and managing the complex discipline of data governance and stewardship. Combining data governance strategy with the relevant organizational and policy activities of data governance with the tactical and operational tasks of data stewardship, including maintenance, G3sm provides all the details any organization needs to ensure an effective implementation of the data governance process. Each stage defines the continuing parallel steps and iterative cycles necessary to deliver successful data governance and stewardship implementations.

An organization can elect to implement both data governance strategy and data stewardship, or choose to focus on one (data governance or data stewardship) without sacrificing any methodology continuity.

G3sm includes almost 140 narratives with additional templates to ensure that your data governance and data stewardship initiative is based on best practices, regardless of the scale or industry.

EWSolutions’ unique, cookbook approach allows an organization to advance through each phase of the methodology at its own pace, adapting the methodology as needed while saving time and money by using a proven structure and plan.


91.5% Cost Savings – average company spends at least $1M designing and implementing a data governance and data stewardship approach; organizations experience 85% failure rate when attempting to develop a data governance implementation without a methodology; methodology use reduces implementation time by over 40%

Field Proven – successful implementations have used G3sm since 2006; industry’s first comprehensive and flexible data governance and data stewardship strategy and implementation methodology; G3sm used at EWSolutions with over 100 client partners

Comprehensive and Customizable – G3sm is industry’s only fully defined, comprehensive, flexible methodology for data governance and data stewardship strategy and implementation; almost 140 narratives with detailed activities; an additional 70 artifacts, project plans, example templates, etc…; 100% adaptable and customizable to any organization.

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