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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

EWSolutions’ contributions to the FBI are quite significant. In fact, Jeff Scudder, FBI’s Unit Chief discussed EWSolutions’ achievements with Crain’s Chicago Business.

“Any Counterterrorism successes so far are classified. But, says FBI project manager Jeff Scudder, “Let’s say management has been very, very happy with what’s been accomplished and excited about what we can do with it in the future.”

“I told management we needed to get top people to take advantage of the best talent there is…. If we went to that same well, I knew we weren’t going to get the skilled people we needed,” Going outside the usual vendors, he settled upon Enterprise Warehousing Solutions, Inc….”This started as a project to demonstrate the capabilities of data warehousing to the bureau…but the director wants to use it now. Our goal is to keep the system in production while building a true enterprise solution.”

As published in the Chicago Tribune, September 4, 2004
Crain’s Chicago Business, November 1, 2004
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