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HCSC – Health Care Service Corporation

“The MME (Managed Metadata Environment) is a centrally-located metadata repository that stores and manages the descriptive context of our business processes, definitions, historical information, and other pertinent information resources. MME is used to store and distribute information resource detail and maintain an “inventory” of this information. MME encompasses requirements beyond the scope of Information Governance & Stewardship. It brings together HCSC’s various Information Value Chains in a central location for quick and efficient access to information. The MME is used to bring together these information resources to properly manage meta data throughout our organization.”

“As anyone in healthcare will tell you, one of the biggest immediate specters for us is not healthcare reform, but the mandate to move from the ICD-9 to ICD-10. In order to understand how this change will impact our systems, the MME is used to trace the data element to where it lives in our programs and applications. Previous attempts at impact analysis have entailed manual surveys sent out to application owners. Cross your fingers and hope that the person answering the survey knows the application well.”

Quote was presented at the 2009 DAMA International conference company success story.
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