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“David Marco and his company EWSolutions have consistently delivered successful Data Warehouse and Metadata Management implementations for several decades. Their unique blend of thought leadership and practical implementation is now leading the way in the rapidly evolving Data Governance arena. ASG has been very pleased with the results of combining EWSolutions’ methodologies and expertise with our world-leading metadata solutions”

Ian Rowlands
Vice President of Product Management, ASG

ASG Software Solutions Rochade Enterprise Metadata Repository solution has been a top tier MME software offering since the 1990’s and is the current bestselling meta data management platform as it maximizes the business value of data, and helps IT organizations see the value in their data and information assets. It provides business and technical users with source-to-target data lineage and quick data facts about their data and systems across the enterprise. ASG’s Enterprise Metadata Repository supports Data Management and Governance, Regulatory Compliance, and Impact Analysis. It provides supports for both distributed and mainframe environments and a wide variety of databases, ETL tools, Data Warehouse, and Business Intelligence technologies.

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