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UHG – United Health Group

As the Chief Data and Security Officer at (UHG)’s Ingenix division, I engaged EWSolutions to assist and guide us through a transition period of collaboration of our massive data sets and provide insight into a foundational approach to deploying a Data Governance framework. Given the limited time and regulatory requirements required, I was fortunate to have direct access to EWSolutions’ president, David Marco. David showed his commitment and sent his top 3 professionals to assist us. In short order the EWSolutions team blended nicely with my staff and business partners. David and his team, in a professional and effective manner, embraced our challenges and quickly gained the confidence of the UHG business partners as knowledgeable and thought provoking professionals. He ensured all activities and recommendations for our foundational Master Data Management, Data Warehouse and Data Governance strategy were agile yet focused on our immediate and long term needs to ensure sustainability so the ARRA and strict regulatory standards could be met.

EWSolutions embraces the need to ensure compliance and privacy across a wide and diverse range of data needs. From inception of the engagement to completion EWSolutions provided a strong foundation from which to grow and transform our data to meaningful, useful, and collaborative information.

Ronald R. Schrimp, Sr.
Senior Vice President and Chief Data and Security Officer, UHG / Ingenix
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