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Core Competencies

EWSolutions has unparalleled experience developing high-performance solutions for the world's largest and most sophisticated organizations. For more information on how we can work with your organization and its specific needs contact us at

  • Managed Meta Data Environment   link arrow

    Many businesses today are making incorrect, erroneous, and flawed decisions from the information they rely on from their corporate information systems. They are missing or worse, misinterpreting, the context of the data they are using to make critical tactical and/or strategic decisions for the business. The cause of this unfortunate scenario is the lack of use of meta data and a managed meta data environment (MME) in the enterprise. What is the cost and impact to your business from misinterpreted or misleading information from corporate information systems? Without a complete understanding of the context of the information you are using you cannot accurately use its content. EWSolutions is the industry leader and innovator in solving and implementing enterprise wide meta data management solutions for your business.

  • Enterprise Architecture & Data Management   link arrow

    In today’s fast paced global marketplace, many operating principles and processes originally implemented by businesses quickly become antiquated and unsustainable. To stay competitive, business strategies today need to focus on adaptability, teamwork, empowerment, and innovation to succeed. How quickly your enterprise architecture and enterprise data management solutions can adapt to provide your clients with efficient, responsive, and customer focused information will determine whether you succeed and are profitable in the marketplace. EWSolutions' strategic consulting services can help you define and implement a complete solution strategy and architecture for today’s challenging business environment. We specialize in providing creative and maintainable solutions to your business architecture and data management needs. The result is a solution that offers the flexibility to respond to changing business needs and the ability to optimize your corporate information resources on a global scale.

  • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence   link arrow

    In today’s electronic business markets, Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing have become a critical enterprise resource for navigating through the vast amount of corporate data to obtain useful, actionable knowledge. Business performance is enhanced when decision making is improved and closely aligned with the strategic direction of the enterprise. The BI / Data Warehousing environment is the primary channel between daily processing of business data and the strategic decision making which provides the competitive insight on how to take advantage of that information. The analytical insights provided by these environments shape the key directional decisions of a firm, which will, in turn, affect future business results. The BI environment allows the business to change from managing performance of the firm from a reactive mode to a more proactive mode. EWSolutions is built on a foundation of in-depth knowledge and years of experience in designing and implementing enterprise BI / Data Warehousing solutions globally. Our solutions offers scalability, availability, performance, and security to your most important corporate resource – knowledge.

  • Data Governance & Stewardship   link arrow

    In today’s corporate and government environments, Data and Information Governance have become crucial to an organization's competence. Decision making can be improved dramatically with sound and reliable data and meta data, and governance of these areas can facilitate the development of accurate data and its meta data. The Data and Information Governance approach provides the oversight and management of how data is captured, stored, aligned and used, offering the opportunity to develop an understanding of data's value and meaning to the enterprise. The structures created by a governance approach can support the organization's practices, which will, in turn, affect future business results. Having an environment that is based on governance best practices and developing the roles of stewards can enable the enterprise to adopt a culture of information integrity and reliability. EWSolutions has a foundation of in-depth knowledge in governance and stewardship, and years of experience in designing and implementing enterprise data and information governance solutions globally. Our approach offers a customized methodology and provides each client with the right governance program and stewardship projects for its needs.