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Federal Solutions

EWSolutions is committed to bringing creative solutions to all our clients. For more information on how EWSolutions can work with you and your agency, email us at

  • National Defense   link arrow

    Today’s military is required to defend freedom and democracy across the globe in more locations then ever before in our history. These increased deployments and durations have stretched our military logistics capabilities beyond their intended mission and ability to manage the exponential increase in information traffic. EWSolutions is providing strategic planning and global enterprise solutions to allow our military to effectively manage, plan, and control its logistics systems to meet our soldiers’ needs around the world.

  • Intelligence Community   link arrow

    In the post 9/11 era, the ability to analyze information in real-time to predict possible national security situations and proactively alert the various government, state, and local agencies is a necessity in today’s world. EWSolutions consultants are actively involved in implementing new enterprise data and architecture solutions for the new 21st century intelligence community’s information and predictive analysis realities.

  • Federal Agencies   link arrow

    Many federal agencies have amassed very large amounts of data from their transaction based legacy systems, with no simple means to access and analyze this information resource. At the same time, these same agencies are being compelled to comply with new government directives, including critical Homeland Security orders, on reporting and oversight mandating access to this information. EWSolutions consultants provide enterprise information solutions that allow our federal agencies to exploit this immense store of information.

  • State & Local Government   link arrow

    State and local governments, like the federal government, are also being challenged by their own information infrastructure and the lack of ability to tap into this rich knowledge resource. They also have to abide by new municipal, state, and federal directives while web enabling legacy systems to provide greater accessibility to this information. In addition, these state and local government agencies have the additional need to please their constituents by providing new services and access to this information. EWSolutions consulting has successfully provided state & local government clients with discerning, practiced based knowledge to successfully employ enterprise technology solutions.