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Brent Dykes

Brent Dykes

Data Storytelling Expert | Author | Speaker | Digital Analytics | Data Strategy

Brent Dykes is the author of Effective Data Storytelling: How to Drive Change with Data, Narrative, and Visuals. Brent has nearly two decades of enterprise analytics experience. His passion for data strategy and data storytelling comes from consulting with many industry leaders. He is a regular Forbes contributor and has written more than 40 articles on different data-related topics. In 2016, Brent received the Most Influential Industry Contributor Award from the Digital Analytics Association (DAA). He is a popular speaker at conferences and holds an MBA from Brigham Young University and a BBA in marketing from Simon Fraser University.

What attracted you to data management or IT, and why did you choose to pursue this career?

Having worked on the business side as a marketer, I saw the power in data. I wanted to help more businesspeople to benefit from data to make better decisions.

What has been your greatest career accomplishment so far, and why has it been important to your career?

Starting my own data storytelling business has been a huge step in my career. Instead of working on someone else’s dream, I’m now building my own.

What are the two or three biggest challenges you face as a data management professional / CDO and how can we address them?

The industry is constantly evolving, and it’s hard to stay abreast of all the important data trends. It can also be challenging to connect with people who share similar interests or passions within the data analytics space.

How do you see data management / the role of the CDO / IT changing in the next 2 – 3 years?

We’ll see more automation of labor-intensive analytics tasks and responsibilities.

Do you have any planned next steps for your career?

My primary focus is to grow my business and expand my personal brand.

What is the single best piece of advice you have received in your data management / IT career so far?  Why has it been so important to you?

I like the quote by Bill Gates who said, “Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” I’ve tried to stay humble and not to let success go to my head. Time and time again, I’ve seen many successful people fall into this trap, and they end up being blindsided.”

Can you share something about yourself as a person that people wouldn’t know about you?

I’m an avid comic book collector and a fan of Spider-Man, X-Men, and Batman.

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