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Roger Tregear

Roger Tregear

BPM consultant, educator, & coach | Author of “Reimagining Management” | Process-based management evangelist | Consultant

Roger Tregear is a consultant in process management with over 30 years of BPM education and consulting assignments in almost 20 countries. His working life involves talking, thinking, and writing about effective process-based management.

Roger has authored or co-authored several books. He also presents a video series, Process Insights, on his YouTube channel.

What attracted you to process management, and why did you choose to pursue this career?

I started my consulting career in telecommunications consulting and gradually moved from there to management consulting driven by the strategic importance of telecommunications. Then one day I discovered that what I had been doing for some time, finding ways to improve organizational performance had a name, “process management”. The career chose me!

What has been your greatest career accomplishment so far, and why has it been important to your career?

“Greatest” is a very big word! The thing I find most satisfying is seeing eyes light up (especially senior executive eyes) when I explain my core concepts of process-based management.

What are the two or three biggest challenges you face as a process management professional and how can we address them?

The biggest challenge is to break through the unnecessary complexity that has built up around process management and improvement, to get people back to the basic concept that all organizations deliver their value through cross-functional business processes.

What follows from that is the need to identify high-impact processes, set process KPIs (PKPIs) and targets, collect performance data, and actively manage the processes. This is transformative and difficult for most organizations.

The M in BPM is for management, not modelling. Process modelling is important, and it is the least important thing we do. No organization has a business problem called “we don’t have enough process models”.

How do you see process management changing in the next 2 – 3 years?

There is an increasing focus on the management of processes, of measuring PKPIs and thinking holistically about how process performance can be improved. IT/automation is just one way (albeit an important way) of improving process performance.

Do you have any planned next steps for your career?

Busy on a long-term project now to develop a new book, a process-based management body of knowledge repository. Also finding new ways to support my global client base with a hybrid of onsite and remote engagement modes.

What is the single best piece of advice you have received in your process management career so far? Why has it been so important to you?

The benefits of process management must be measured in the proven impact on organizational performance, not just the development of artifacts, e.g., models etc.

Can you share something about yourself as a person that people wouldn’t know about you?

I am a bonsai addict, novice level. The best time to become a bonsai collector/developer is 50 years ago, or now!

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