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Date & Time

02/24/2022 12:00 pm

Time Zone

Central US Time (GMT -5)

What You'll Learn

  • Data Modeling and Data Architecture, and their roles in an organization’s enterprise data management program
  • Stages of effective data modeling, and why they are all essential
  • Best practices to ensure successful 21st century data modeling capabilities
  • Tips on delivering data models that meet business and IT needs, especially for analytics

Webinar Overview

21st century data modeling is an agile function, one focused on an understanding of the organization’s data needs. Any organization that wants to use analytics effectively should embrace the best practices of data modeling to ensure the right data is available to the right people at the right times in the optimal format for analysis and decisions. This webinar will explain the stages of data modeling, offer some best practices for agile data modeling, and demonstrate how developing good data models can support effective analytics.

About The Speaker

anne marie photo 800 5000x

Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.

Data Management Consultant & Educator,

Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of enterprise data management, data governance, data strategy, enterprise data architecture and data warehousing. Dr. Smith is a consultant and educator with over 30 years’ experience. Author of numerous articles and Fellow of the Insurance Data Management Association (FIDM), and a Fellow of the Institute for Information Management (IIM), Dr. Smith is also a well-known speaker in her areas of expertise at conferences and symposia.

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