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Webinar Status

Case Study, Completed

Date & Time

01/27/2022 12:00 pm

Time Zone

Central US Time (GMT -5)

What You'll Learn

  • Key components of a modern data platform in the cloud
  • What does a transformation journey from a legacy environment to the cloud look like?
  • What bottlenecks did ARC face and how did the data services organization overcome them?
  • How you define the value and risk aspects of a modern data platform?
  • What does it take to deliver the return on investment demanded by the business stakeholders?
  • How do you get business at the table to help with the governance of the platform?
  • Lessons learned from ARC’s journey to the modern data platform in the cloud

Webinar Overview

Most organizations are undergoing some form of digital transformation, to drive customer intimacy, optimize processes and reduce costs. The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) initiated a transformation program in 2019 and anchored it around a modern data platform in the cloud. This journey required designing and architecting the new platform, building it out from the ground up, migrating data from the legacy systems and managing and governing this platform. To ensure that robust controls, data privacy, data security and data quality were embedded in it a community of practice comprised of data stewards and data engineering team members was established to ensure that the platform would be governed and could be sustained over the long term. This webinar will explain ARC’s transformation journey and what it took to build, govern and sustain this platform.

About The Speaker

Damian Danowski

Damian Danowski

Managing Director of Data Services, Airlines Reporting Corporation

Damian is the Managing Director of Data Services and a technologist with deep experience is software product development and large-scale systems development. He began his journey in the data space a few years ago having developed some new ideas about how Airlines Reporting Corporation should manage the move of its data platform to the cloud. This led him down the path of data governance and data management.

Jay Zaidi

Jay Zaidi

Founder and Managing Partner, AlyData

Jay is the Founder and Managing Partner at AlyData – a firm that specializes in CDO Advisory, Data and AI Governance and Data Insights services. He founded AlyData to advise organizations and their leaders on how they can leverage their most strategic asset – DATA – to gain deeper insights, optimize decisions, and mitigate risks, to drive shareholder value. Prior to this he was a direct report to the Chief Data Officer of Fannie Mae and led several enterprise-wide data programs that delivered outsized business outcomes.

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