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Date & Time

08/26/2021 12:00 pm

Time Zone

Central US Time (GMT -5)

What You'll Learn

  • Establish an effective BI Governance Program
  • Promote Data Literacy in your organization
  • Implement effective measurement and continuous improvement

Webinar Overview

Generating widespread adoption of analytics is a challenge for every organization. Siloed environments, overwhelming amounts of content, increasing demand from the business, are all causing a BI mess. BI teams spend their time fighting fires, creating duplicative content, and maintaining obsolete reports and dashboards when they should be working on high-value analytics instead. A solid governance and literacy program helps tidy up the BI mess and give control back to BI teams.

Join Marius Moscovici from Metric Insights and David Marco from EWSolutions as they explore the concepts of BI governance and the solutions provided by Metric Insights applications.

About The Speaker

Marius Moscovici

CEO, Metric Insights

Marius has over 20 years of experience in analytics and data warehousing. Marius is the CEO of Metric Insights, the leading provider of a BI Portal that helps organizations organize their BI environments and ensure users are getting the actionable data they need.

David Marco

Dr. David P. Marco, PhD, Fellow IIM, CBIP, CDP

President, EWSolutions

Dr. David P. Marco, PhD, Fellow IIM, CBIP, CDP is an internationally recognized expert in the field of data warehousing, business intelligence, enterprise data management, data governance, and is the industry’s leading authority on metadata. Mr. Marco is founder and President of Enterprise Warehousing Solutions, Inc. (EWS), a Chicago-based enterprise data management consultancy dedicated to providing clients with best-in-class solutions. Author of several books and hundreds of articles and a Certified Data Management Professional, Mr. Marco is also a well-known speaker in his areas of expertise at conferences and symposia.

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