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Date & Time

10/27/2022 12:00 pm

Time Zone

Central US Time (GMT -5)

What You'll Learn

  • Data quality issues that affect digital transformation initiatives
  • What strategies to use to tackle legacy data issues
  • How to use business analysis resources to support data quality and digital transformation
  • Risks and success factors for data quality and digital transformation

Webinar Overview

The case study focuses on two examples of digital transformation in financial services industry – commercial insurance and pension plan management. In each case, existing data quality issues in legacy systems came to light during the data migration analysis and planning. Tackling data quality issues at this stage is paramount to ensure the success of new digital solutions. Join us to review some of the strategies that were used to address these challenges, and how experienced business analysts became indispensable resources for these activities.

About The Speaker

Yulia Kosarenko

Yulia Kosarenko

Owner, Why Change Consulting Inc.

Yulia Kosarenko is a principal at Why Change Consulting Inc. working with various industries to grow mature enterprise architecture and business analysis practices, plan and execute digital transformation programs, and use analytics to make better business decisions. 

Yulia’s career spans more than 25 years of bringing IT and business together in insurance, education, logistics, banking, payments, and pension investment industries. She is the author of the books “Business Analyst: a Profession and a Mindset” and “Business Analysis Mindset Digital Toolkit” and teaches business analytics to post-graduate students in Toronto.

Yulia is active in business analysis and analytics communities, leading webinars, speaking at conferences, developing online courses, and conducting training.

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