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Data Literacy ROI: Demonstrating Value

Space is limited, so register now for this informative webinar! The webinar will be streamed on Zoom and our YouTube channel and the recording wil be available on YouTube within 24 hours from the webinar’s completion.

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Date & Time

09/29/2022 12:00 pm

Time Zone

Central US Time (GMT -5)

What You'll Learn

  • Why is data literacy needed?
  • Return on investment statistics and research
  • Data Literacy ROI Summary

Webinar Overview

A major survey found 70% of business leader think the lack of strong data literacy skills in their organizations reduces the value they extract from to support decisions, which affects their return on investment (ROI).

As a result, corporations and government agencies are scrambling to make their staff data literate, and the organization’s desire to expand their data literacy significantly has never been greater. This informative webinar will outline the value of data literacy to any organization, describe data literacy’s effect on operations and decisions, and summarize how to identify a return on investment (ROI) for improving data literacy.

About The Speaker

David Marco

Dr. David P. Marco, PhD, Fellow IIM, CBIP, CDP

President, EWSolutions

Dr. David P. Marco, PhD, Fellow IIM, CBIP, CDP is an internationally recognized expert in the field of data warehousing, business intelligence, enterprise data management, data governance, and is the industry’s leading authority on metadata. Mr. Marco is founder and President of Enterprise Warehousing Solutions, Inc. (EWS), a Chicago-based enterprise data management consultancy dedicated to providing clients with best-in-class solutions. Author of several books and hundreds of articles and a Certified Data Management Professional, Mr. Marco is also a well-known speaker in his areas of expertise at conferences and symposia.

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