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Fundamentals of Enterprise Data Management Webinar

Date : 22 Jul 1999, Time : 2:00 PM, Seattle, WA

Presenter: David Marco, President of EWSolutions

Does your organization struggle with managing data and making it useful?  Does your organization seem to have more than one data quality effort, made a few attempts at data governance, or use several master data sources that are not aligned?

If you answered “YES” to one or more of these questions, then your organization needs an enterprise data management program.  Having an enterprise data management program enables any organization (small / medium business, large Global 2000 firm, government agency, non-profit) to realize the benefits of the data it captures, stores, and uses, for operational and decision-making effectiveness.

Learn about the fundamentals of enterprise data management and how to start a data management program in this one-hour webinar, presented by David Marco, president of EWSolutions.  David will outline components of an Enterprise Data Management program and explain each component, its relationship to the concept of EDM and identify some critical success factors, risk factors, benefits of starting an EDM program.

  • Data and Information as Enterprise Assets
  • Enterprise Data Management – Introduction
  • EDM framework
  • Issues and challenges of implementing an EDM program
  • The EIM organization structure
  • Introduction to EDM Framework Components
    • Data governance – the foundation of EDM
    • Information architecture
    • Information quality management
    • Reference and master data management
    • Data warehousing and business intelligence
    • Structured data management
    • Unstructured data management
    • Meta data management
    • Information security management
  • Measuring EDM program success
    • Key attributes to a successful EDM program
  • Future of EDM
Date : 22 Jul 1999, Time : 2:00 PM, Seattle, WA
Presenter: David Marco, President of EWSolutions
Location: Seattle, WA.
Speaker: David Marco, President of EWSolutions
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