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Date & Time

03/30/2023 12:00 pm

Time Zone

Central US Time (GMT -5)

What You'll Learn

  • Taking an Agile approach to your MDM program
  • The importance of choosing the right MDM implementation style
  • How to gain executive alignment and sponsorship
  • Staffing / resourcing an MDM program for speed
  • Other practical lessons from the MDM school of hard knocks

Webinar Overview

It’s a widely held belief that MDM programs are big, disruptive, risky, and prone to failure. While these things may have been true for some companies in the past, providing meaningful business value through the launch (or relaunch) of an MDM program can be done in under 90 days – if you take the right approach. Come listen to MDM industry expert Malcolm Hawker as he describes the keys to launching an MDM program in under 12 weeks:

If you’re having trouble getting an MDM program off the ground, or if your existing program is failing to deliver business value, then you won’t want to miss this presentation from the leading expert in the field of Master Data Management.

About The Speaker

Malcolm Hawker

Malcolm Hawker


Malcolm Hawker is a thought leader in the fields of data s, Master Data Management (MDM) and data governance. As an ex-Gartner analyst, he has consulted to some of the largest businesses in the world on their enterprise information management strategies. Malcolm is a frequent public speaker on data and analytics best practices, and he cherishes the opportunity to share practical and actionable insights on how companies can achieve their strategic imperatives by improving their approach to data management. 

Malcolm’s mission is to raise the awareness of the value of MDM and data governance to senior data leaders at companies across the globe. MDM and data governance remain significant challenges to most companies but can be address through the application of practical and outcome-driven data management best practices. Malcolm’s goal is to empower companies with the confidence and knowledge needed to become truly data driven. He holds degrees from the University of Alberta (Bachelor of Commerce) and the University of Florida (MA).

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