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1 Jul, 2002

Physical Data Modeling

01 July, 2002
Daniel Roth
Logical & Physical Data Modeling

Physical data models should follow the logical data model as closely as possible, while adding the optimizing items to conform to a specific database and platform. Introduction Physical data modeling involves transforming the logical model from a purely business design to a design optimized to run in a particular environment.  Things that must be considered when doing physical modeling include th



1 Oct, 2001

Should We Model Everything?

01 October, 2001
Daniel Roth
Enterprise Data Modeling

Different models represent and communicate different types of data; all are important to effective data management. Introduction The level of attention paid to a data model should be determined by its intended use and place in the enterprise. There are different types of models that represent different types of data, all of which should be "touched" by data administration. The actual procedures de




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