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Date & Time

01/28/2021 12:00 pm

Time Zone

Central US Time (GMT -5)


David Marco, MBA, CDMP, CBIP, CDP

What You'll Learn

  • Concepts of socialization
  • Differences and synergies between socialization and communication
  • Important steps in a socialization plan
  • Contents of an effective data governance program newsletter

Webinar Overview

Every data governance program needs a plan to socialize the concepts, practices and policies throughout the organization. Socialization is not the same thing as communication – they are complementary.

In this webinar, the world’s leading authority on data governance, David Marco, will walk you through the concepts of socialization, how they apply to data governance and data stewardship, and how to implement a socialization plan for your data governance program. Also, David will describe the contents of a data governance newsletter – one of the most important artifacts for socializing data governance.

About The Speaker

David Marco, MBA, CDMP, CBIP, CDP

President, EWSolutions

Best known as the world’s foremost authority on metadata management and data governance, he is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of data management, advanced analytics, data warehouse, business intelligence and data stewardship. In 2004 David Marco was named the “Melvil Dewey of Metadata” by Crain’s Chicago Business as he was selected to their very prestigious “Top 40 Under 40” list and was named by DePaul University as one of their “Top 14 Alumni Under 40”. In 2008 David Marco earned the DAMA Data Management Professional Achievement Award. He is the president of and is their lead contributor.

David Marco is the author of the widely acclaimed, 2 top-selling books in metadata management history, “Universal Meta Data Models” and “Building and Managing the Meta Data Repository” (available in multiple languages).  In addition, he is a coauthor for multiple books and published hundreds of articles some of which have been translated into Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese and others.

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