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17 Jul, 2017

The Increasing Importance of Metadata and Lineage

17 July, 2017
Darshil Mehta
Metadata Management

The increasing value of data and information demonstrates the need to know the lineage of the data and its metadata to understand its relevance to operations and decisions Introduction The data landscape is changing faster than before. Big data, legacy data, external data, internal data, data of data and much more; organizations want to use all possible types of data where they can because there i



5 Apr, 2017

Metadata Management Fundamentals

05 April, 2017
David P. Marco
Metadata Management

Metadata management is one of the foundational components of an enterprise data management initiative. Many organizations struggle with its incorporation into their data management processes. Metadata Management’s Relationship to Data Management Data Management is one of the hottest topics in our industry as Global 2000 companies and large government agencies are beginning to understand that wit



1 Jan, 2010

Metadata Subject Areas

01 January, 2010
Mark Mosely

Metadata management should start with the identification of business subject areas to enable prioritization of all enterprise data management initiatives and related projects. Introduction Metadata is commonly defined as “data about data.” In fact, a more accurate definition might be “information about information assets.” These information assets may be data, processes, applications, or i



5 Aug, 2016

Effects and Benefits of Managed Metadata

05 August, 2016
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Metadata Management

Do you know the numerous benefits and the effect that having a managed metadata environment will bring to your organization? Introduction Many organizations continue to struggle to understand the meaning and value of one of their most important and sustainable assets, data (and its companion, information).  Data are raw facts, presented without context.  Metadata is the "data about data," the "c



1 Jan, 2004

Metadata Management and Enterprise Architecture

01 January, 2004
David P. Marco

Every successful enterprise architecture relies on enterprise metadata management as part of its foundation. Introduction Almost every large government agency or Global 2000 company is struggling to properly manage an enterprise information technology (IT) architecture.  This difficulty is the direct result of the highly distributed, disjoined and overly expensive IT environments which currently



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